The Project

This blog details the independent study of four undergraduate students (Carissa, Rachael, Sam, and Sarah). We aim to look at the role women have played in the discipline of philosophy throughout history. Notably, we're interested in:
  • The underrepresentation of women in philosophy
  • The evolution of women's contribution to philosophy
  • The specific works of various female philosophers from ancient, middle ages, modern, and contemporary eras
In addition to weekly readings and discussions, our group will post both articles and responses regarding what we learn. We hope to present our findings at our college's Student and Research and Creativity Celebration in May.

We look forward to taking you on this journey with us. We hope you find it as interesting and eye-opening as we do. Please see our About Us tab for more information about our team.

We recently (April 25, 2013) presented a talk in Buffalo State's Philosophy Department's colloquia series. Thank you to all who attended. Below is a picture of our group.

From left to right: Dr. Blessing, Rachael, Carissa, Sarah, Sam, and Dr. Duffy.

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  1. Dear Ladies,
    I came across with your site by looking for 'diotima of mantinea'. This name was mentioned in two books by 'Ingrid Straube'
    She published on her thesis 'The roots of philosophy are women' Same attitude is by Prof. Adriana Cavarero, Verona, Italy.
    Few German female philosophers also try to follow a different acknowledgement of the role of women in this discipline.
    So I am glad to have found you on this track. Thank you
    Sincerely 'leone'